Mantsho by Palesa Mokubung was the first African designer to collaborate with global fashion retailer H&M in 2019. She made history with this collaboration by giving the continent its recognition and the acknowledgment it so served. It also meant a real win for African designers.

She expresses a great love for Africa, for textiles and for women, most importantly she wanted this to be an encouragement and inspiration for all those designers who are well worth the global recognition but have not yet been discovered.

When she went to register for an art course in fashion it had been the shortest queue and it was easy to make the choice but once the choice was made, she decided to be good at it.

Her inspiration is women, the African aesthetic, and the history of fashion. Mokubung works closely with her talented brother Mojalefa Mokubung in designing them and the brief is to always make the flower bloom.


Mantsho launched an exclusive collaboration with 1st for Women Insurance and Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi on 28 September 2020 to encourage South African women to live fearlessly.

The collaboration coincided with 1st for Women’s new fearless campaign that featured Tunzi – a global icon and an icon of strength, courage and resilience.

The T’s feature Mantsho’s characteristic and quintessential bold prints symbolizing a path of a woman who is ready to deconstruct in order to rebuild and is emblazoned with the word “fearless” - making them a statement T with a confident edge.

20% of the proceeds from the sale of the T’s are donated to the 1st for Women Foundation to assist in the fight against women abuse. The Mantsho designs represent courage coupled with a good dose of colour and charisma.

Mantsho Rugs

Mantsho is an empire in the making and part of building an empire requires one to diversify in order to grow their audience. It has been Palesa’s dream to feature in the field of home decor. Her home decor style is afro antique with a modern twist.

The design is a celebration and an extension of our african sensibility and finesse of which the Mantsho customer values as a lifestyle. Each colour way speaks a different home language of your choice. The "Mantsho Rugs" serve as comfort to take your shoes off and be a part of our footprint in our new home decor chapter

What does this mean?

This venture symbolizes transformation and evolution for Mantsho, it shows off the brand's true artistic character, personality and lets the customer into our home.